Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Big improvement   My friend had a makeup table and stool she picked up at a sale ,  looks like light oak veneer ? We both agreed it needed painting.  Gave it a good sanding, then coated it in one coat of black and when it was dry two coats pale blue.  Destressed  it a little and covered the seat and its done, I love it. 
Are you interested in a class making birdhouses ?  Email me and we'll get you in. Here are some samples my sister and I built. The metal detailing is off the front of an old drawer, bottom perches are just rusty bolts out of the garage.    Anytime I put one of my birdhouses out in the yard its not long and a bird moves in.  .

    Heres Madison with her first birdhouse,  we did'nt let her use the saw but she painted it and helped put it together.  Very nice, she wants to make another one.. 
two nest found in the yard, the eggs are plastic.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Spring has finally arrived and I enjoy being outside, here are some outdoor gardening ideas.
I have about 300 of these wooden tomato crates, so what to do with them all?  I built a stand using  three of the crates , great for holding pots or garden tools..
A bench I designed and built several years ago, it may need a new coat of paint, dare I paint it blue? 
 This metal shelf needed a couple coats of paint to cover all the rust.   
Old siding pieces make great little signs.      

Monday, 13 May 2013

Decorating with old books is my favorite way of displaying things. Found this very shabby chic pitcher last weekend, here I've rised the pitcher with some old books and leaned others to the side. Note the books all have the same colour tone.

Can you believe I got this beauty at an auction for $2.00 she has a few flea bites but I love her.         Try not to cram to many things on one shelf,  leave some space so your eye can focus on one item at a time.
Stacked antique suitcases houses all my christmas decor.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Prettiest window table ever....class with Michelle was so much fun and went so smooth, she thought we would never get done in one class, but we got it done.  You did a great job Michelle!
we made a frame around the window and add the legs on the inside of each corner.
Coat of white paint and then Michelle destressed the table. Michelle I found when you go to remove the the excess paint on the glass use a razar blade, and a dry paint brush to get in the the corners and vaccum as you go. I can't wait to see it in your home.
Here are some other tables I've made.
So shabby chic, taller with a shelf on the bottom and french writing around the skirt.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Making a coat rack using doorknobs Amanda emailed me asking if I could show a step by step on how this is done. First remove the doorknobs from the doors. Found these up in my barn and could not believe there were four matching knobs, bonus!

You need to cut the steel bar that joins the glass knobs in half. A little tricky but you just need the right saw and make sure you wear eye protection.

Measure where you want the knobs on the board. Spread them out evenly and then drill your holes into the wood,  make sure the drill bit is NOT to big, the steel rod will have to fit very tight, or the knob will fall out. 

I then attached the circular back plates to the board, you would not have to add these but it gives it more charm.


I Painted the board, and don't forget the back of the knobs.

Whats left is to push the knobs in the drilled holes,  and your done. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Set up at a get your tulips to droop like this you need to cut them three days in advance. Once tulips are cut they continue to grow and will start bending over. Using a round fish bowl works best, the more tulips you have the bigger the impact. This explains the ants in my kitchen, check the petals to see if any little critters are hiding in there before bringing them indoors.

Posing here is one of the guest from Hong Kong.
Meet my sister Ann, her and I do alot of projects together. 
This is me, tired after a long day but looking forward to the dance floor.